What is a Catch Basin Cleaning

Catch Basins, also known as storm drains or curb inlets, are openings for storm drain systems which catch debris and sediments through a grate, curb inlet, or sump. The purpose of a catch basin is to prevent items such as trash and other floatable materials fromentering the drainage system, and the waterways which it empties into. Catch basins typically begin with a cast iron grate, which prevents large items from being carried by water into the drainage system.

In order to sustain proper drainage, catch basins must be cleaned reguarly to remove the debris and sediment in the sump areas, to continue to allow the free flow of water. A catch basin that’s full of debris and sediment will block the entrance to the drainage system, and will often cause improper water drainage and flooding. Clogged catch basins
are often the cause when parking lots or streets are flooded, this can be prevented by having catch basins cleaned reguarly.

R.J. Gabriel can provide jet rodding and vactorservice upon request.

parking lot catch basin cleaning